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If you are new to Pay Per Head services, you may have questions before you get started. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to provide information and address any concerns you may have, so feel free to get in touch with an account manager right away by dialing 1-888-450-6444. Because we get asked some of the same questions so often, however, we’ve created the following section to address some of the more frequently asked ones.

Pay Per Head sportsbooks and bookie software are tools that allow anybody to set up their own online sports betting business. As long as you have players, all you need to get started is to sign up. All of the rest, including your unique custom wagering site, payment processing, customer service as well as player and game management are taken care of by the Per Head provider. Select Per Head is a premium Pay Per Head service that offers a unique bundle based system, where you can pick and choose the products and services that work best for you.

Pricing is based on the number of players you have, thus the phrase “per head pricing”. Our bundle based model starts at $5 per head for the first sports bundle you choose. Each subsequent sports bundle you choose costs just $3, while our Extras, which gives you access to horse racing and casino products, is just $2 per head. Click here to learn more about our Per Head Sportsbook plans and pricing.

When you set up an account at Select Per Head, you are outsourcing the data processing portion of your business to us. Nevertheless, your customers remain yours. All payments and collections go through you, but we take care of all the heavy lifting and provide the tools and metrics you need in order to analyze your business and conduct the appropriate accounting.

Because we our company and staff are located located in Costa Rica, where the cost of labor is relatively inexpensive, and where sports betting as well online wagering are legal, we can safely service your customers and provide you with the tools you need to get the job done. We have an industry leading software has everything you need to set up new players, set limits, move your own lines, pick and choose what type of odds you want to offer and review all your financials at the click of a mouse.

We also provide you with a fully branded website, built especially for your players, where they can place all their bets safely and securely. In addition to the above, our service includes 24/7 customer service. Our knowledgeable staff has been servicing Pay Per Head customers for years, and our account managers have both the know how and expertise to get you set up quickly so you can start earning right away.

Setting up an account is easy just click here to join and account manager will get back to you shortly to help walk you through the setup process. You don’t even need to pay a cent to get started. By taking advantage of our 7 Day Free Trial, you’ll be able to test drive our platform absolutely free of charge.

While Most Per Head Operators make you pay for services you don’t even use, our business is different because we give you the chance to pick and choose the features you are most interested in. We’ve created several Pay Per Head bundles that contain different sports and leagues so that you can offer the products that make most sense for your customers. Click here to learn more about our Pay Per Head bundles.