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How Bookie Agents Profit Early on NFL with Sportsbook Software

NFL training camps start later on in July. Right now, NFL sports bettors are preparing for the upcoming season. Online bookie agents can jump on those preparations by using sportsbook software to gain NFL profit early. Check out a few ways for agents to do that. How Bookie Agents Profit Early on NFL with Sportsbook Software Per head sportsbook software tools allow agents to profit early on the NFL. All 3 software tools are available to Select Per Head agents. Mass editing tool – The mass editing [...]

July 4th, 2018|

Profit Early on NFL Betting With These Per Head Software Tools

NFL training camps start in late July. It makes sense that Select Per Head online bookie agents will want to start promoting NFL betting. Agents can promote NFL Preseason game wagering as well as NFL futures betting. Check out a few PPH software tools agents can use to profit. Profit Early on NFL Betting With These Per Head Software Tools We describe each tool and then how best to use it. Mass editing tool – The mass editing tool allows agents to make mass edits to all [...]

June 26th, 2018|

How Bookie Agents Use Online Casino Software for Huge Profits

Online bookie agents can make huge profits via their online casino. For Select Per Head agents, adding the Extras Bundle, which includes the online casino is a must. If Select Per Head doesn’t believe us, they must keep reading. How Bookie Agents Use Online Casino Software for Huge Profits Why does online casino software generate profit? Keep reading to find out! Online casino software provides passive income – Passive income is income that arrives to you, the business owner, without being actively involved. Online casino software doesn’t [...]

June 19th, 2018|

How to Promote World Cup to Casual Players

The 2018 World Cup kicks off on June 14. From June 14 through July 15, the 32 best national soccer teams on the planet will play multiple games for a chance at glory. Select Per Head agents should be right there accepting soccer action. Soccer isn’t as popular in the United States as other sports, though. How can online bookie agents promote World Cup betting to casual players? How to Promote World Cup to Casual Players The best way to promote World Cup to [...]

June 13th, 2018|
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