How Bookie Agents Profit Early on NFL with Sportsbook Software

NFL training camps start later on in July. Right now, NFL sports bettors are preparing for the upcoming season. Online bookie agents can jump on those preparations by using sportsbook software to gain NFL profit early.

Check out a few ways for agents to do that.

How Bookie Agents Profit Early on NFL with Sportsbook Software

Per head sportsbook software tools allow agents to profit early on the NFL. All 3 software tools are available to Select Per Head agents.

Mass editing tool – The mass editing tool allows agents to make mass edits for all their players at once. This is one of the better tools at an agent’s disposal. The reason is because this tool gives agents the ability to set max betting limits.

On what should agents set max betting limits? Super Bowl 53 betting. Agents can do this several different ways. The best way is to set a max betting limits of $200, or even $100, on any single team to win Super Bowl 53. A $200 limit on a Super Bowl future bet makes sense. Players most likely won’t want to bet more than $200 on any single NFL team to win the Super bowl.

Update profiles and limits tool – Before the NFL Preseason starts, per head agents can increase wagering limits for all their most active NFL sports bettors. This is one of those tools that could lay the seeds for more NFL profit this season. Once players know that they have more money that they can wager with, they’re more likely to wager with that money.

The key is to utilize the third and final sportsbook software we discuss, the hold percentage tool. If per head agents raise betting limits before the NFL Season starts without using the hold percentage tool, they could get into a difficult situation.

Hold percentage tool – The hold percentage tool allows agents to set up a ping that alerts them when they either must make a payout or collect from a player. It makes sense to use the hold percentage tool once you’ve increased betting limits. Definitely increase betting limits for NFL Preseason. Then, make sure to use the hold percentage tool so that most of your players are even before NFL Week 1.

Select Per Head is the most flexible per head option in the industry. Prices start at $5 per head. Not only that but Select Per Head agents have access to all the best online sportsbook software tools. Call a Select Per Head rep at 888-238-8703 with questions.

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