How Bookie Agents Use Online Casino Software for Huge Profits

Online bookie agents can make huge profits via their online casino. For Select Per Head agents, adding the Extras Bundle, which includes the online casino is a must. If Select Per Head doesn’t believe us, they must keep reading.

How Bookie Agents Use Online Casino Software for Huge Profits

Why does online casino software generate profit? Keep reading to find out!

Online casino software provides passive income – Passive income is income that arrives to you, the business owner, without being actively involved. Online casino software doesn’t provide one-hundred percent passive income.

As a per head agent, you must get involved. But, your involvement is limited. The reason is because online casino software runs the online casino without your involvement.

Select Per Head’s online casino software provides self-service wagering – All Select Per Head online bookie software provides self-service wagering. The online casino software provides self-service wagering coupled with low minimum wagers. That most definitely decreases the amount placed via each bet. However, it dramatically increases the number of wagers placed.

Online casino software provides a multitude of games – Select Per Head’s online casino software allows for wagering on all casino games:  baccarat, craps, roulette, and even Pai Gow Poker. There’s also video poker as well as various slot machines.

Add the various games with low minimums, and it’s apparent that pay per head agents can make huge profits off online casino software.

What Select Per Head Agents Must Do

Select Per Head agents decide what packages to add to their first package, often the Classic Bundle. To offer casino betting, agents must add the Extras Bundle. The Extras Bundle can be added for only $2. If agents add the Classic Bundle, which includes NFL, MLB, and NBA wagering, agents can then add the Extras Bundle for only $2 per head.

The $5 cost per head for the Classic Bundle added to the $2 per head for the Extras Bundle results in $7 per head. That should be worth it to most agents who desire to add close to passive income via online casino software.

Online bookie agents can add all Select Per Head bundles for only $13 per head. Agents should call a Select Per Head rep at 888-238-8703 with questions.

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