How to Profit With Select Per Head’s Fan Favorites Bookie Bundle

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The only per head organization that offers control to online bookie agents is Select Per Head. SPH allows agents to decide on what services they wish to offer. If you only provide wagering services to NFL, NBA, and MLB bettors, go for the Classics Bundle. It’s only $5 per head.

That might work for many agents. On the surface, it appears great, right? But, there’s a catch. It might work for agents looking to maintain their profitable businesses. For agents looking to grow their businesses, only providing the Classics Bundle isn’t enough.

Different options, something beyond the NFL, NBA, and MLB is required to grow a bookmaking business. I believe pay per head agents should seriously consider adding the Fan Favorites to the Classics Bundle. Keep reading to find out why.


What does Fan Favorites include?

Fan Favorites includes, pardon the cliché, everything under the sun. Boxing, Auto Racing, Martial Arts, Olympics, Rugby, Golf, Soccer, Politics, and even Entertainment wagering is offered via Fan Favorites.


What’s the Real Power of Fan Favorites?

Although all the sports offered via Fan Favorites can lead to profit the most important is horse racing. There are several reasons why horse racing can become a weekly, if not daily, moneymaker for pay per head agents.

First, Select Per Head offers wagering on over 75+ racetracks. Horseplayers can make wagers every day. Second, making money at the racetrack is extremely difficult. Most horseplayers that I know lose more than they win. Third, horse racing doesn’t have a season.

There is always a race going on somewhere that a horseplayer can bet. Every day, 365 days of the year. I believe there are even a few harness tracks that open on Christmas.


Why Per Head Agents Should add the Fan Favorites Bundle

Your clients can wager on every single event listed below if you add the Fan Favorites Bundle:

  • Horse Racing – Saratoga Meet, Del Mar Meet, Breeders Cup in November
  • Boxing – Matches every month. The most anticipated fight in years when Gennady Golovkin battles Canelo Alvarez in September.
  • MMA – UFC puts on an event every month.
  • NASCAR – NASCAR Season doesn’t end until December.
  • Golf – As of June 8, only one major tournament, The Masters, has been played
  • Soccer – The 2017-2018 La Liga Season begins on August 11. The 2017-2018 Premier League Season begins on August 12.

There are many more events that Fan Favorites covers. It’s a great deal for pay per head agents looking to add additional revenue, and make more profit. Online bookie agents should call 888-983-3332 and discuss with a Select Per Head rep.

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