Pay Per Head Tips on Profiting With Our College Classics Bundle

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Select Per Head allows online bookie agents to add bundles to their Classic Bundle. Without a doubt, one of the bundles that many agents should consider is the College Classics. Before getting into why, I first discuss the basic Classic Bundle and why it’s not enough for serious per head agents. 


Select Per Head’s Classic Bundle

For only $5 per head, Select Per Head allows agents to provide to their clients the basics in online sports betting. With the Classics Bundle, agents can offer wagering on NFL Football, Arena Football, Major League Baseball, National League Basketball, and prop wagers on those sports leagues.

Is that enough? Maybe. If online bookie agents provide services only to recreational players, the 3 major sports leagues might be enough. But, for most agents, just signing up for the basic Classics Bundle won’t work.

What Per Head Agents Get with College Classics

College Classics allows agents to offer wagering on all college sports games. This includes NCAA Football and NCAA Men’s Basketball games. It also includes WNCAA Basketball, NCAA Hockey, and NCAA Baseball.

Why is College Classics a Must for Agents?

The 2017-2018 College Football Season starts on August 26. The first games of the season occur that day. Pay per head agents must be prepared. Many players, pro and casual, bet on college football. Not allowing those players that wish to wager on college football games is like shooting yourself in the foot. There are a few reasons why.

College Football fans are die-hard fans – Casual players that wager on college football often bet on the team that represents their college. The casual player that graduated from USC bets on USC. The player that graduated from Michigan, bets on Michigan. Often, these casual, or recreational, players bet on their team no matter the spread. These players don’t take the time to handicap the game. That gives the advantage to you, the agent.

College football is on all major networks all day on Saturdays – Casual players love to bet on games they can watch. That’s college football on Saturdays during the fall. Not allowing players to do this can be a huge problem for you. Not taking advantage of live betting during college football games is leaving money on the table.

Offering college football is expected – Even if you only provide betting services to players that bet on the NFL, offering college football is expected. By not offering college football, you’re opening the door to your clients to bounce, to go to another bookmaker. Not providing college football is seen as unprofessional.

During the fall it’s football 24/7 – Football, both NFL and college, is a 24/7 a day passion for more than a few Americans. True football fans live, eat, and drink football. As one football fan, who also happened to bet on both college and the NFL told me, “I don’t care if Navy beats UCF. But, if it’s the only game to watch, I’m watching it.” When that football fan watches, he bets.

Select Per Head has made it easy for serious online bookie agents to add College Classics. It’s only $3 per head. That’s $6 per head for the Classic Bundle and College Classics. Make sure to call 888-983-3332.

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