Profit Early on NFL Betting With These Per Head Software Tools

NFL training camps start in late July. It makes sense that Select Per Head online bookie agents will want to start promoting NFL betting. Agents can promote NFL Preseason game wagering as well as NFL futures betting.

Check out a few PPH software tools agents can use to profit.

Profit Early on NFL Betting With These Per Head Software Tools

We describe each tool and then how best to use it.

Mass editing tool – The mass editing tool allows agents to make mass edits to all of their players at a single time. The tool is best used when setting max betting limits on future prop bets and money line bets. See below for the current Super Bowl odds on four NFL teams:

New England Patriots             +650

Philadelphia Eagles                +850

Pittsburgh Steelers                  +1000

L.A. Rams                               +1100

Per head agents can manage wagering on all NFL teams to win Super Bowl 53 by setting max betting limits. They can set a max betting limit at something like $200. If agents run a sportsbook that requires lower max betting limits, they can set a limit of $100 on any Super Bowl future bet.

This ensures profit because it controls potential payouts. Profit comes about after turning revenue, or sales (betting action in this case), into a financial gain.

Settle alert tool – Now that were on the doorstep of the 2018-2019 NFL Season, it’s important that all your players have settled enough so that they can wager on NFL games. The NFL Preseason starts in early August. Most agents will see action from the first NFL Preseason game, the annual NFL Hall of Fame Game. Ensure that you do receive action by using the settle alert tool in July to make payouts too or collect from your players.

SPH Dashboard – The Select Per head dashboard is the most important per head agent tool in your arsenal. Set up your dashboard for NFL betting by displaying the reports that will most help you manage your sportsbook. Also, make sure to check out your active head count. You’ll want an idea of who is active in your book so that you can efficiently promote the new NFL Season.

Remember, Select Per Head agents can only offer wagering on NFL games via the Classic Bundle. Call a Select Per head rep at 888-238-8703 with questions.

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