Why Our Pay Per Head Bundles is an Industry Game-Changer

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Every industry goes through changes. The pay per head industry is no different. Select Per Head has come up with the most massive game changer in the per head industry since mobile betting. Select Per Head’s value proposition itself, the ability to select per head bundles, is the game changer. Check out why!


Bundles are Differentiators

Every business owner, it doesn’t matter if the business is selling widgets, or providing online betting services, looks for differentiators. Differentiators are the things that separate you from your competitors. A differentiator can go a long way in keeping clients happy. It can also be the reason that new clients decide to work with you instead of someone else.

Select Per Head’s bundles are differentiators. How are the bundles differentiators? They’re differentiators because they put the power into the online bookie agent’s hands. You, as the agent, have the power.


Puts the Power into Agents’ Hands

After the Select Per Head 7-Day Free Trial, agents can decide on what bundle they wish to add to their business. That’s called power. No other per head company allows agents to do this.

If the agent is happy with the Classic Bundle for $3 per head. They can go for it! Maybe, an agent wants to gear up for College Football and March Madness. The College Classic bundle for $5 per head is perfect for that agent.

Does a pay per head agent provide service to pro players that bet on International Soccer, Tennis, and Golf? Select Per Head has a bundle for that called Fan Favorites. They offer it for $7 per head.

The final bundle that Select Per Head offers is the Extras Bundle. At only $9 per head, the Extras Bundle offers a full online casino as well as an online racebook. The online racebook offers wagering on all major tracks in North America.

Horse racing is just about to get into its busiest part of the year, the run-up to the Breeders Cup World Thoroughbred Championships on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4. The online casino can add consistent, long-tail profit, to an agent’s business.

Think about those two things when deciding on the bundle that you want to go with. After the 7-Day Free Trial, you should consider adding the $9 per head bundle.   


Bundles Destroy the Per Head Cookie Cutter Mentality

What really, truly, makes Select Per Head’s value proposition a game changer? By adding a bundle, online bookie agents destroy the cookie cutter mentality. The cookie cutter mentality implies that there is only one way to accomplish a goal.

Think about it this way:  what would have happened if CostCo had decided that instead of creating a warehouse where customers purchase products in bulk at wholesale prices, they wanted to be the next Target? Target, and Wal-Mart, would have buried CostCo.

That’s the real advantage of going with Select Per Head. Thinking of what bundle is best for you, helps you become a better business owner. That’s gold in your hands.

The first thing serious per head agents must do is sign-up for the Select Per Head 7-Day Free Trial. They can speak to a Select Per Head rep by calling 888-983-3332.

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