How Per Head Agents Profit From College Football Betting

Select Per Head agents choose to partner with SPH because they can add bundles that only make sense to their specific online bookie businesses. That gives SPH agents an advantage over other agents. At times, an agent might not add a bundle because the agent doesn’t understand why they should add a bundle. That could be the case with any Select Per Head agents that haven’t added the College Bundle to their existing bookmaking operations.

Only through the College Bundle can bookmakers offer wagering on college football. Check out why adding the College Bundle to all pay per head businesses is necessary.

Most College Football is Played on Saturday

While the NFL is played on Sunday, college football is played on Saturday. There are no NFL games to compete with college football. Every single major broadcast station showcases college football on every Saturday during the college football season. This allows agents to promote college football games without worrying about competing sports betting events.

Tying marketing messages to major college football games, those shown on ESPN, CBS, FOX, and ABC, should lead to more action than it normally does. It depends a great part on the college football matchup. The drum beat towards the bigger matchups in college football almost always leads to major action on both the money line and spread.

Multiple College Football Games

There are also many more choices in college football than they are in the NFL. Only 32 teams play in the NFL. That means the most possible games to bet are 16. That’s not true in college football where it’s possible to bet on any college football game that involves two Division I teams.

Most sports bettors prefer choices. College football provides plenty of choices. There are 57 college football matchups from Oct. 4 through Oct. 7 that players can bet. That’s 57 different opportunities, different games, that bettors can handicap.

With so many different wagering possibilities, players can choose their optimal wagers. For per head agents, action comes when players have multiple choices to make wagers. Multiple choices always lead to more wagers because players, pro and casual, end up betting on more games than they normally would.

Select Per Head College Bundle

By adding Select Per Head’s College Bundle, pay per head agents can offer wagering on all college football games. The vast number of college football games make college football betting attractive to players.

Bookmakers can utilize college football’s television monopoly on Saturdays to encourage even more betting action. The SPH College Bundle is a win-win for both players and online bookie agents. Make sure to call a Select Per Head rep at 888-983-3332 to add the College Bundle.


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