The Must Have Select Per Head Bundles This Fall

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The end of August heralds the beginning of fall. Historically, fall has always been the best time of the year for online bookie agents. Fall is when both college football and the NFL start their seasons. It’s also when MLB Playoffs take place.

This fall could be especially profitable because one of the biggest fights in years takes place on Sept. 16. All the great sporting events means that to keep clients happy, Select Per Head agents must sign up for the right bundles.  


Classics Bundle

The SPH Classic Bundle offers Major League Baseball, NFL and Arena Football, NBA basketball, NHL, and prop betting on all those major leagues. The Classic Bundle is the place to start.

Without the Classics Bundle, pay per head agents can’t offer wagering action on NFL games or MLB Playoff games. Both will be popular sports for players to wager this fall. The NFL is the most bet upon sports league in the world. More NFL action goes through Vegas sportsbooks than all other sports leagues combined. That’s how popular NFL betting is in the United States.

MLB Playoff betting should be hot this fall. Plus, if agents start with the Classics Bundle, they can roll clients right into wagering on NBA and NHL betting. Both have become popular with casual and pro players alike.


College Classics

The College Classics bundle is an absolute must. College football is a popular sport for bettors to wager every fall. Without the College Classic bundle, per head agents could miss out on doubling, maybe even tripling, their profit this fall.

There are more college football games on which to bet than NFL football games. All games together can lead to massive revenue, which invariably becomes massive profit.


The great thing about Select Per Head’s College Classics bundle is that the second most bet upon sporting event of the year is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. With College Classics, bookies won’t miss out on any NCAA Men’s Basketball game betting, including the Big Dance.


Fan Favorites

The Fan Favorites is the final must have bundle for sports betting clients. Every PPH agent on the planet should start promoting the Sept. 16 boxing match between Gennady Golovkin and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

There’s a chance that some privately run sportsbooks, like yours, attracts more action on Triple G versus Canelo than you did on Mayweather vs McGregor. The reason is because of the odds. The odds on Golovkin vs Alvarez are kinder than they were on Mayweather vs McGregor.

No matter if you like Triple G or Canelo, you’re bound to get a fair price.

Fan Favorites also includes soccer betting, MMA betting, and auto racing. UFC runs a mixed martial arts promotion at least once a month. The Premier League, La Liga, and the Bundesliga heat up on the pitch starting in September.

With the Classics Bundle, College Classics, and Fan Favorites, agents can make sure to satisfy their clients sports wagering requests this fall. For any questions, online bookies can call a Select Per Head rep at 888-983-3332.

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