Pay Per Head Bookie Tips: When to Use Layoff Account Option

Pay Per Head Bookie Tips


The Select Per Head layoff account is one of the best tools for online bookie agents to manage wagering on spread bets. The layoff account can lead to money saved. But, it can also lead to money wasted. Before getting into all of that, read a refresher on against the spread, or ATS, bets.


Against the Spread Bets – A Refreshers

Against the spread bets are some of the best wagers available to handicappers. They’re also great for per head agents. The reason is because ATS bets level the playing field. For example, if a handicapper loves a team to win the odds are often too low, -300 or worse, to encourage a bet.

What the player can do is look to the spread on football or basketball bets to lower the investment required. A team that could be at -300 to win the game outright (win on the moneyline) might be at -6, -110 ATS.

Therefore, pro players almost exclusively bet for or against the spread. Also, pro players often take points while casual players bet on favorites.  


Use Layoff Account Option to Balance the Books…

The Select Per Head layoff account allows per head agents to lay off money bet on one side of a spread. Let’s say that a spread bet is happening tonight where Oakland battles Kansas City. Hypothetically, here are the odds:

  • Oakland +3 -110
  • Kansas City -3 -110

Let’s say that you, as the pay per head agent, didn’t sign up for Select Per Head’s Premium Package. That’s why you didn’t have access to injury information. The injury information that you could have gotten access too would have alerted you to the fact that a key Oakland player is hurt.

Before odds were taken down and adjusted, and before you could set a schedule limit override, you accepted $5,000 in action on KC at -3. You can hope for money to go onto Oakland. Or, you can lay off some of the $5,000 on KC by utilizing your layoff account.

…But Don’t Leave Money on the Table

The above example doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, you might use your layoff account without realizing that you could be leaving money on the table. What this means is that, at times, all the money on one side of a spread is dumb money, meaning that it’s not going to translate into a win for all the bettors who dumped on that side of the spread.

This happens a lot. Why? Again, casual players love to bet on favorites. You could have a run on a false favorite. Any time you use your layoff account, you’re in danger of leaving money on the table.


Bottom Line:  Become a Great Handicapper

Okay, you, the online bookie agent, doesn’t have to become a great handicapper. What you need to do is find your best handicapping client. Which one of your clients always makes money betting against the spread? Then, if that client goes against the money wagered on one side of a spread, you should consider letting the money ride.

Consider not using your layoff account. You might be in for a gigantic bookmaking score.

Agents should call a Select Per Head rep at 888-983-3332. Chat is also available on the Select Per Head site.

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