How Per Head Agents Can Make MLB Pennant Races Must Bet Events

Pay per head, MLB Pennant Races

The MLB Pennant races in both the American League and National League are about to heat up. Teams with a shot to win the pennants in the AL and NL are currently looking to shut the door on their competition.

Online bookie agents should run promotional messages around the MLB pennant races. The most effective promotional messages utilize the following information.

Promote MLB History

Did you know that the National League of Baseball was founded in 1876? Baseball is as American as anything on planet Earth. Make sure to alert casual players to the history of America’s Pastime.

Don’t forget to alert players to recent MLB history. When was the last time the L.A. Dodgers, who are the 2 to 1 favorites to win this year’s World Series, won the Fall Classic? Drumming up interest via history in baseball should make most casual bettors pay attention.


Hype Pitchers vs Batter Matchups

How is Cleveland’s Corey Kluber going to handle Boston’s powerful batting line-up? Will the Yankees’ Aaron Judge take the Red Sox Chris Sale to the bleachers? There are several different marketing messages pay per head agents can create around pitcher versus batter match ups.

This is true for both the American League and the National League. Just check stats to find out which pitchers are the most popular. Then, find out what popular batters those pitchers face that day.   


Discuss Uniqueness of MLB Betting

MLB betting is unique. There’s the money line. Then, there’s the run line. Educate casual spread bettors in your sportsbook about the uniqueness of MLB betting. Check out examples of both a money line and a run line bet.

Boston Red Sox +135

New York Yankees -105

For every $100 wagered on Boston, the profit is $135. Bettors must wager $105 on New York to make a $100 profit.

Boston Red Sox +1.5, -150

New York Yankees -1.5, +145

Boston can lose by a run at +1.5 and the bettor wins. Every $150 wagered yields profit of $100. If the Yankees beat Boston by at least 2 runs, those who bet on NYY win. The profit is $145 for every $100 bet on the Yankees.

Select Per Head Classic Bundle

MLB betting is available via the Classic Bundle. That’s why it’s important that before adding any other bundle, online bookie agents add the Classic Bundle. Don’t miss out on MLB Pennant race betting.

With football season right around the corner, MLB Pennant race betting might be the one thing that doubles profit from September to late October. All agents can use a doubling of their profits, right?

Call a Select Per Head rep at 888-983-3332 if you have any questions about which bundles are best for you.  

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