Should Per Head Bookies Set Max Betting Limits on Mayweather vs McGregor?

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At Select Per Head, online bookie agents can decide what bundles to offer their clients. For example, if they provide wagering services to clients that wager primarily on college football and college basketball games, SPH agents can add the College Classics Bundle.

Once a bundle is added is when the true work of being a per head agent takes place. This blog is about the huge Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight that takes place on August 26. Should agents set max betting limits on the fight?

Vegas Accepting 4 Times as Many Bets on Conor McGregor

Odds on Conor McGregor are at +350. Odds on Floyd Mayweather are at -450. McGregor was a better than +900 dog to beat Mayweather when odds were first released. Las Vegas has accepted wagers on McGregor to Mayweather at a 4 to 1 ratio.

It’s doubtful that money streams onto Mayweather leading up to the fight. What it means is that most sportsbooks, including yours, is likely to see an inordinate amount of action on Conor McGregor comparable to the action on Floyd Mayweather.

If McGregor were to win, just like the sportsbooks in Las Vegas, most agents stand to lose money, maybe a lot, on the fight.

Study Mayweather vs McGregor Action in Your Sportsbook

Check how much action has gone onto both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor in your sportsbook. If you haven’t yet received action on either fighter, some bettors prefer to wait until the last minute to wager on sporting events, run a poll via an email blast. You can use different polling apps to run personal polls.

Find out who is planning on betting on McGregor. Find out who is planning on betting on Mayweather. Most casual bettors are likely to go with Mayweather. Some pro players, not many, but some, might put a few bucks on Mayweather.

Decide if You Want to Let the Action on McGregor Ride

If there is way more action on McGregor than Mayweather, before hitting up their layoff accounts, pay per head agents might want to let the action ride. The true odds of Conor McGregor beating Floyd Mayweather are much, much higher than +350.

McGregor is a legitimate 9 to 1 underdog. He’s never fought in a real boxing match. He’s an MMA fighter who didn’t change trainers to understand the nuances of boxing. He fights with his hands down. He doesn’t know how to roll with punches.

He’s fighting, arguably, the greatest boxer to ever live. No matter what the odds say, Mayweather should dominate McGregor unless he’s injured, didn’t train, or just doesn’t care to fight.

Because of Mayweather’s pride, I doubt that’s going to be the case.

Be sure to add the correct Select Per Head bundle, the Fan Favorites Bundle, if you haven’t done so already. You can only offer wagering on Mayweather vs McGregor to your clients if you have the Fan Favorites Bundle.

Each bundle is only $3 after your initial bundle at $5. For additional information the phone number to reach a Select Per Head rep is 888-983-3332.

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